Area Lakes

Sherman Lake

Sherman Reservoir has 68 miles of shoreline that visitors can explore. There are many places where you can access the water for boating and other activities. Enjoy time outdoors by having a picnic or going swimming. Fishing, boating, sailing, and water skiing are only a few of the activities that visitors enjoy. Located southwest of Loup City and Sherman Reservoir is Bowman Lake. You can enjoy further fishing or swimming at this location, in addition to row boating and hunting when in season. Playground and picnic facilities are also located here (Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Giltner).

Harlan Reservoir

This reservoir offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities including fishing, hunting, boating, hiking and sightseeing. Three active boat ramps provide access to Nebraska’s second largest lake. Upgraded electrical sights and group shelters available year-round. Recreational season is Apr-Oct. and has a camping fee. 308-799-2105 Handicapped Accessible (Approximately 2 hrs from Giltner).

Lovewell Lake

Lovewell Lake is just four miles east and 10 miles north of Mankato in Kansas and only eight miles south of Superior in Nebraska. It provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities, with a surface area of 2,980 acres and 43 miles of shoreline. Nestled in a deep valley, the lake is protected from high summer winds by steep tree-covered hills on the south. Lovewell State Park is on the lake’s north shore providing a full-service office with interpretive center. A marina, boat ramp, designated swimming area, camper hookups and picnic areas are available. Six native log cabins have recently been built that will accommodate up to 8 persons (Approximately 1hr 20 min from Giltner).

Calamus Reservoir

Located 5 miles northwest of Burwell. Nearest highway, Nebraska 91. Reservoir open 24 hours. Good access roads. Fishing season is year round. Available species include walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and crappie. Irrigation supply reservoir experiencing moderate fluctuations. Reservoir peaks at 5,125 surface acres (Approximately 2 hrs from Giltner).


Timberlake is a premier youth camping organization with four distinct campsites all at the same location! With 29 years of camping excellence, they provide high energy activities, age appropriate programming, and creative housing for your camper to have the most amazing week of their summer. Their program is Christ centered enabling campers from many different backgrounds to explore issues related to faith and to grow in a loving, caring atmosphere. It is located by Central City (Approximately 53 minutes from Giltner).