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Small Town In The Center of It All!

Giltner is… Located in south central Nebraska, 3 miles south of I-80 between Grand Island and Aurora.

Giltner is… Home to approximately 375 households (around 600 residents).

Giltner is… A progressive, successful farming community.  Giltner is defying the depopulation trend plaguing small, rural communities.  We are active, growing, & thriving.

Giltner is… Aggressive about housing development.  We’ll add 6-7 new homes by summer’s end with hopes of a 38 lot subdivision in the next 2-3 years.

Giltner is… Home of the Hornets!  Giltner is proud of its outstanding school system.  Many of the families enrolled are third generation, a few are even fourth. Giltner’s education system provides a solid education in a first-rate facility.


Village of Giltner
4021 North Commercial Avenue
Giltner, NE 68841
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